Potholes are a hazard!

by / Monday, 23 February 2015 / Published in Asphalt Surfacing, Blog

Potholes and the accidents they cause

Pothole accidents on Florida roads

You can often find potholes in Gauteng and Freestate county roads. These are openings in the roads that are caused by wear-and-tear and weathering of the street. This happens when the top layer of the road (the asphalt) has worn away to the point of exposing the concrete base. Once this happens, rain water can accelerate the process and increase the size of the pothole. With the rainstorms we have in Florida, it’s no wonder our roads have potholes that can seriously damage a vehicle and cause an accident.

Potholes can come in all shapes and sizes. Even potholes that are small enough to just seem annoying can cause damage and put a huge strain on a car’s shocks and suspension. A big enough pothole can actually cause an impact similar to a 80 km/h car accident. This can cause serious damage to your vehicle and also result in an accident. Even with all of the highway repairs and construction we see, there are more and more accidents caused by potholes that have been neglected by the city and\or county for far too long.

Pothole accidents can be serious and even fatal

When a vehicle goes over a big enough pothole, the car may not be able to handle the blow. This sudden and unexpected impact can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and as a result end up in a car accident where they may be seriously injured. Even though potholes can cause car accidents and truck accidents, the most serious of these types of accidents are pothole motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle drivers are at special risk because a motorcycle has less weight and only two wheels on the ground. Even when wearing a helmet, a pothole accident on a motorcycle can cause serious injury and even death.

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